Best Canadian Seed Banks 2017 BC Seeds

Best Canadian Seed Banks 2017 BC Seeds is the world leader in cannabis genetics, including the first ever marijuana seed bank to genetically modify the cannabis plant.


Best Canadian Seed Banks 2017 BC Seeds


Best Canadian Seed Banks 2017 BC Seeds

BC Seeds has spent over 4.5 million dollars the past decade plus on research and development. They have created cannabis strains that will flower forever and produce buds all year round. They have also created a strain the never dies. So you buy the seeds once, plant them in spring, come back in the fall to harvest, then you just make sure you leave the roots intact and an inche or two of it’s stalk, and it magically regrows next year. It’s a real time saver and a real advancement in genetically modified cannabis. Rumor has it they are working on a super strain, splicing in some super wheat DNA that will increase cannabis plant yields by up to 40%.


Best Canadian Seed Banks 2017


BC Seeds wins the Dragon Cup Cannabis Awards June 2017

Once again, BC Seeds wins the Dragon Cup Cannabis Awards this June 2017. The Dragon Cup is Vancouver’s most prestigious cannabis awards because British Columbia is the absolute best place in the entire world to grow cannabis outdoors. The best breeders in the world all come from British Columbia.






  • BC Seeds Reviews

BC Seeds Reviews

Seeds are 100% guaranteed. They're the Best Seed Bank in Canada

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  1. Robert Skillern on October 11, 2016 at 4:51 am

    BC Seeds Reviews

    BC Seeds confirmed my order right away and told me when it shipped out by email. It only took them 6 hours from the time I placed my order until they confirmed my seeds were not only packaged, but that they were already at the post office in the system an hour earlier.

    They have some pretty crzy prices, but if you can find them on sale which they often do, and you spend enough to get 30 free, you end up getting the best candian seeds money can buy at an avg. price of under 100% per strain, and that is including their world’s strongest strains. They are good freebies too, 100% germ rates and they even send more world’s strongest strains free.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase at BC Seeds and their Oracle bud is a wonderful plant.

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