Trusted Canadian Seeds Banks 2023

Top Seed Banks USA & Canada Shipping

Here are the Top USA and Canadian Seed Banks 2023 shipping to the United States and all of Canada's Provinces.

Canadian Seed Banks are considered the best seed banks in the world for 2023. Canada has seed banks in Quebec, Toronto and the top trusted Canadian seed bank in 2023 is BC Seeds in Vancouver British Columbia. Be sure to check them out for some amazing deals on the best marijuana genetics Canada has to offer.

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Best Strains & Customer Support

Our websites offers you the greatest award winning strains. You've found the most reliable seed bank in Canada, so buy some seeds online today, and enjoy your purchase, it's guaranteed to please even the most experienced growers. We have the best Canadian customer service and you can contact us 24/7 with all questions and concerns, so don't be shy to ask us what is on your mind.


Popular American & Canadian Cannabis Strains

Oldest And Most Reliable American & Canadian Seed Banks

The worlds oldest and most reliable American & Canadian seed banks again are from British Columbia. There are a few that are really famous. The oldest and most advanced seed bank is BC Seeds from 1994. They're leading the cannabis  industry by creating the world's first genetically modified cannabis. They also lead the world in non-GMO cannabis producing the worlds strongest strains with the highest THC.

Another old and reliable seed bank in Bristish Columbia is The Britsih Columbia Seed Company. I believe they opened up their Canadian seed bank a year after BC Seeds in 1995. They have a famous couchlock strain that is in high demand, even after more than 20 years. Other seed banks claim to sell their strains, but they do not have any of their genetics, you can only obtain them from their official website

A few more worth while Canadian seed banks are Vancouver Seeds, Emery Seeds, Premiere Seeds, Vancouver Island Seeds and Legends Seeds, run by Red, the most ethical guy in the Canadian cannabis world.


List of Current Legit Canadian Seed Banks

Here is the list of current legit Canadian seed banks still in operation this month. We added in the only Legit Australian seed bank at the bottom because we get many visitors from Australia looking for a legit place to buy seeds from even though they usually buy from current legit Canadian seed banks.

BC Seeds

BC Seeds has a very large collection of proprietary cannabis genectics. They are the best Canadian seed bank by far. They spend more on research and development than any other seed bank. They use the most advanced technology to genetically modify some of their strains. They created Milti-verse God Bud, Sky Heaven and even Never Dies Cannabis Plant, a strain that you plant once, and it will grow back from leaving a short stem and it's roots after you harvest. It even survives cold winters. Forever buds is another strain that grows over 30' tall and produces buds all year round, so you can around around the minimum sentences for only growing one plant that really produces as much yields as a huge warehouse full of 200 plants.

The British Columbia Seed Company

The British Columbia seed company in Canada has a medium selection of very stable Canadian canabis strains. About 26-30 strains to choose from, they have been stabilized better than any other seed bank except BC Seeds. I would say the British Columbia Seed Company is the second best seed bank in Canada.

Vancouver Seeds

Vancouver Seeds is a popular Canadian Seed Bank destination for American customers. They have a huge selection of almost every strain and cheap Canadian cannabis seed prices.

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Upcoming Canadian Seed Banks

This years best new seed bank is another British Columbia seed bank in Canada called BC Bred Seeds. You can check out their Canadian Marijuana Strains at their website